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Different types of wood

Blocks of Wood


Any wood expands and contracts with changes in climate. Shrinking of the wood can result in hairline cracks in the assembly joints or the grain of the wood itself. This does not affect the structural integrity of the frame’s construction of the table.

Lighting in the photoshoot, as well as monitors can vary.

We regularly update our photos to reflect the finish more accurately.

Red Oak wood : Strong and durable hardwood with pink undertones. Stainable in any color.

White Oak wood : Stronger and more durable than red oak with yellow and brown undertones. Stainable in any color. Great for outdoor furniture. 

Ash wood : Strong and durable hardwood, light color with smooth grain.

Poplar wood : Medium density wood with low bending, pale yellowish-brown with olive green heartwood. 

Walnut wood : Very durable and strong hardwood, varies from light brown to chocolate brown.

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